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EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers
Price: $29.16

Although over 80% of original Route 66 is still easily drivable, it is not on ordinary maps and signage is spotty. The EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers is the answer to finding the Route.

Its maps and directions are comprehensive yet easy to follow. The spiral bound guide stays open to the pages you are reading while you are driving or riding. Convenient 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 216 page, paperback format.
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Route 66 Backroad
Price: 21.24

Your Guide to Scenic Side Trips & Adventures from the Mother Road. Known as the Main Street of America and the Mother Road, U.S. Route 66 is the nation’s best known highway.

Travel this iconic highway through the heart of America with Route 66 Backroads as your guide. This lavishly illustrated book steers you from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Branch away from the Mother Road, and you encounter gems hidden beyond today’s standard motels and tourist traps. State parks, wildlife refuges, museums, historic sites, literary landmarks, and much more are there to be explored within a few hours’ drive from the path of Route 66. The fifty trips included here offer new travel opportunities for the thousands of road-trippers who follow this legendary route, looking for something more.
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Secret Route 66
Price: $16.24
A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. Take a tour of Route 66 unlike any other. Discovering the secrets, memorable characters, and little known stories behind many of the route's enduring icons.

Did you know that a strongbox full of gold still lies buried near the Colorado River, or that tragedy hounds a tiny place in Arizona named after a cartoon?
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  Route 66 Lost and Found

Price: $47.76

This new omnibus combines author Russ Olsen’s successful Route 66 Lost & Found volumes 1 and 2 and adds more than 50 new sites along the Mother Road not included in those two editions. All of the sites featured, more than 200 in all, are reordered from Illinois to California to provide a continuous journey along 66. The maps included in the previous two volumes are updated to feature the locations of the new sites included here.
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